New Roadway Options Plan

New Roadway Map

Data Included

I have included point data showing traffic light locations.  Polygon data included the parcel outlines, wetland areas, a graphic represenation of the Target and Colonial Mall configuration, since these were only construction sites when the aerial photography was taken, and the existing and proposed  locations for  the sedimentation/detention area that will have to be relocated.  The line data shows existing and proposed streets and a large transmission power line which must be accounted for in possible property swaps between the large proposed mixed used development to the west and the landfill.   



The primary color and symbolization scheme used was a color ramp for the different classifications of the roads, with purple representing the high traffic major arterial, ranging down to orange for collectors and green for lightly traveled residential streets.  Existing streets were represented with a solid line and proposed new roadways with a dashed line.



The overview map shows a roadway routing plan based on a newly proposed large scale mixed used development.  The overview map and inset map are both shown at a scale of  1:7,200, or 1" = 600'.  A legend, north arrow, scale bars, and title are shown on the map.  The inset map shows a second option for routing of the road in partnership with another smaller scale hotel and conference center development plan.

Multivariate Represenatation and Methods to Represent Data Uncertainty