Web Publishing Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS

Project 2 Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS!

The link above is a replication of a Microsoft Word document using XHTML and CSS formatting. The Word document uses five spaces to indent each paragraph, so technically, five hard spaces at the beginning of each paragraph would have been the most like the original document, but I preferred specifying a uniform indent for each paragraph in the CSS. I also slightly modified the column widths to make them more uniform. In my original solution I used the COLGROUP, (Column Group) table elements with a CSS class for numeric and text formatting to center the numeric columns. I placed it in the table right after the heading columns. It worked in Internet Explorer, but in order for W3's site to validate it, COLGROUP needed to be at the top of the table, requiring additional CSS to reset the header so that all all columns were centered. It validated and displayed properly in Internet Explorer, but Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera did not recognize COLGROUP. Since working in one out of five browsers wasn't good enough for me, I went back to adding a class tag to each of the row divisions after the header, more typing, but more compatible.