Gulf Shores Beach Accesses

The map above is a customized Google Map showing the Public Beach Accesses for the City of Gulf Shores, Alabama. It consists of an initial map showing the beach area and eight markers with a table below with information on the marker locations. I used a "bottom bar" style table rather than a side bar because of the width required of the map to show all of the beach accesses. The users can click on the marker to see the name of the access, number of parking spaces, and a short description of the access in an information window or click on the corresponding link in the table to zoom into a closer look at the area with the hybrid satellite view and a semi-transparent light blue polygon showing the boundary of the access and associated parking areas.

The two level design of the map is a model for future Gulf Shores/Google mashups. I plan on having a overall map of Gulf Shores with markers to various areas that have City facilities. The users will be able to click on the markers to see which facilities are in an area and then zoom down to a closer level to see individual buildings, fields, playgrounds, etc. in those areas with the City property highlighted. Getting the XML files to load and parse properly took some time, with most problems being syntax errors, missing brackets, and understanding which commands belonged in what loops. After looking closely at the Google Maps street names for our area, it is clear I will need some notes in the tables that certain street names are wrong in particular areas.