GIS and CAD Background Examples

Old AutoCAD Drawing

AutoCAD Drawing from 1987 Earliest CAD Drawing - I drew this detail in 1987 in the second half of Auburn's engineering drafting course. The first half of the course was mechanical drafting the old way, by hand. The second half we used AutoCAD, probably version 2.5 or so.

GIS Topographic Data used in Site Design

Topo of Buker Heights Erosion Using GIS for an Erosion Control Project - This project used topographic, building, vegatation, and drainage data from Ft. Benning's AM/FM to design a re-grading and erosion control project to fill two dangerous gulleys that had developed behind family housing units on the base. The storm drainage pipe (the two gray lines near the top of the image above connected by the gray circle symbol showing a manhole inlet) carry runoff from the adjacent street and parking had created two dangerous gulleys in the hillside behind the housing units. Over the years the runoff had eroded the soil on the hill side that were hidden in the dense trees and undergrowth. A child was hurt when he suddenly fell off the edge of the gully while exploring the in the woods behind the housing units.

CAD Details

Topo of Buker Heights Erosion Construction Details - The details above are isometric schematics of a valve configurations connecting to a chiller (what is a chiller?) and the details below show the construction requirements for the enclosure to be built around the chiller. Topo of Buker Heights Erosion